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Welcome to the EDOS Inc Newsletters

These Newsletters will provide news, information and updates on our Society.  These Newsletters, provides a quick and easy way for you to stay up to date and get the latest information wherever and whenever you need it.  Please enjoy the read.  If you have something that you would like to have included in the month newsletter please contact the editor at editor@edos.org.au.


Newsletter for June 2019; EDOS on Show May 2019  and Plant Results May 2019

Newsletter for May 2019; EDOS on Show April 2019  and Plant Results April 2019

Newsletter for April 2019; EDOS on Show March 2019  and Plant Results March 2019

Newsletter for March 2019; EDOS on Show February 2019  and Plant Results February 2019

Newsletter for February 2019; EDOS on Show January 2019  and Plant Results January 2019

Newsletter for January 2019; EDOS on Show November 2018  and Plant Results November 2018


Newsletter for November 2018; EDOS on Show October 2018  and Plant Results October 2018

Newsletter for October 2018; EDOS on Show September 2018  and Plant Results September 2018

Newsletter for September 2018; EDOS on Show August 2018  and Plant Results August 2018

Newsletter for August 2018; EDOS on Show July 2018  and Plant Results July 2018

Newsletter for July 2018; EDOS on Show June 2018  and Plant Results June 2018

Newsletter for June 2018; EDOS on Show May 2018  and Plant Results May 2018

Newsletter for May 2018; EDOS on Show April 2018  and Plant Results April 2018

Newsletter for April 2018; EDOS on Show March 2018  and Plant Results March 2018

Newsletter for March 2018; EDOS on Show February 2018  and Plant Results February 2018

Newsletter for February 2018; EDOS on Show January 2018  and Plant Results January 2018

Newsletter for January 2018; EDOS Committee 2018 Jan 2018  and Plant Results November 2017


Newsletter for November 2017; EDOS on Show October 2017  and Plant Results October 2017

Newsletter for October 2017; EDOS on Show September 2017  and Plant Results September 2017

Newsletter for September 2017; EDOS on Show August 2017  and Plant Results August 2017

Newsletter for August 2017; EDOS on Show July 2017  and Plant Results July 2017

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